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we have to be prepared to go so far as to shut the government down. >> save your powder for the debt ceiling fight. >> i think there's going to be a whole new field of battle when the debt ceiling rolls around. >> our opportunity here is on the debt ceiling. this is where we have leverage. >> remember that the gop vowing to hold the country hostage for cuts? they had the leverage, getting ready to fight. speaker boehner even tried his hand at extortion saying, "there's a price for everything." but, now, here comes the cave. today, republicans in the house voted to suspend the debt ceiling. what about the hostage-taking? not this time. and remember all the usual bluster in those press conferences of theirs? today, the gop leaders ducked the press. only a few print reporters, boehner's camera man and a lone fox news camera were there to capture their comments in their entirety. huh? so why the sudden change? >> the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. we are not a deadbeat nation. >> they will not collect our ransom in exchange for not crashin
will not get a lot done in the long run. the debt ceiling is one tool to get a little from the democrats and bring some spending down. this is not going to be the end to all the spending problems. dagen: what concessions to think the the republicans can't get in terms of cutting? taking on entitlements in any way shape or form. >> when the democrats do that, they put themselves at risk. it is a country issue, it is not a partisan issue, to be honest. if they do that, they risk really losing a lot in 2014. dagen: you say it is a country issue. to that point, it looks like this country really does not want to do anything about it. when this payroll tax expires, people are up in arms about it. there will not be, until we all feel pain from higher interest rates and inflation, not a single thing will be done about it. >> i hope that is not true. i hope people can really forecast and see what is happening in the future. if they do not, they'll have to wait until the car hits the wall to feel that pain. i do not think that is the case, dagen. to be very honest with you, these two parties can r
an alien looking down on markets and economy and look down on the markets and the debt ceiling you saw every time we extend the debt ceiling the markets pretty much went up which they have done last several times, you would say, okay, this is how we get the stock market to go up. that is crazy thing. melissa: why, why? why does that happen? is it that people trading in the market can't see we will ever have to pay this bill down the road? why does the market rally when this happens? >> i think it is twofold. one of the things that happens, melissa, it absolutely destroys the dollar. if you're an s&p company trying to sell your goods overseas it actually helps you that the dollar goes down in value because the foreign purchasers have more purchasing power to buy your goods. you but it is a dangerous game to, well, let's pass the debt ceiling extension but deal with it the next time. we were here in august of 2011. we had the "gang of six", we had the super-committee, all these smart people that were supposed to come up with a resolution how we're not getting back to this spot and guess
and how we deal with the debt ceiling. the potential for the federal government to shut down. i think many people underestimate the significance of the federal government as a part of, you know, what drives the u.s. economy. melissa: so what could they be doing you think to make things better? what could turn things around from a trucking perspective? >> i think in recent history, anytime our leaders here in washington make, you know, get a decision made, even if it is not what everybody likes or agrees with, the more certainty there is in the business community, the more likely we are to see investment and people making plans about moving forward. i mean i think it is too early to tell how consumer sentiment and consumer behavior is going to be impacted by the, by the tax increases. i mean everybody saw the 2% hit on the payroll tax expiration, what, a little less than 1% on the health care costs. so, we just don't know yet. that impacts us directly because we move a the of retail goods by truck. melissa: but, you know a lot of people out there think that the economy is getting better, sl
consistently said he'd refuse to negotiate around the debt ceiling. his strategy is vindicated now that the republicans have backed off their threats to take the nation into a default. the president stared down the republicans. they blinked. >> ifill: congress still faces other fiscal fights. automatic spending cuts are due to kick in on march first, and funding for the government runs out march 27. so, can the republican party use fiscal issues to regain its footing? for more on the political fights ahead we turn to susan page, washington bureau chief for "u.s.a. today." and stuart rothenberg of the "rothenberg political report" and "roll call." chuck schumer just said the republicans brinked. did they blink, susan, and does it matter if they did? >> i think a big recalbraigz on their part. they find themselves on the defensive when it comes to the debt ceiling issue. remember how they vowed they would only raise the debt ceiling by a dollar for every dollar cut in spending. now they said never mind. we'll push that down the road. the big fight will be on the sweeping spending cut
a debt ceiling bill doing nothing but pushing of the problem until making the can down the road. and new york congressman sat -- has me upset tonight. they're going to want to you this. stay with us. albrecht, he could not be more wrong. ♪ gerri: to people in the south cling to their guns and religion? is that part of the country something we need to overcome? my thoughts in 60 seconds. ♪ ♪ gerri: i have to tell you, nothing, nothing gets under my skin faster than and new yorker calling out the south which is exactly what happened recently in a tv interview. new york congressman telling the most other states should adopt gun laws exactly like the one passed in the state of new york. >> new york, it's a little different and more progressive and a lot of areas and some other states. some of the southern areas of cultures that we have to overcome. gerri: cultures that we have to overcome. all right. i forgot. the south is still a backwater to new york. the region languishes in a post antebellum haze of poverty and backwardness. in truth, my friends, the south has benefited from long-t
ceiling. we don't want to shut down the government. so, it looks like republicans are fighting among themselves. so this debate is already underway in the republican party. >> yeah. the. >> the president understands this. that combined with the 332 electoral votes he got, i think he is in a stronger -- i think he is in a stronger position now than he has been probably in four years. so he has less incentive now to be mr. nice than he has in quite some time. i think we are seeing that. >> right. i was going to say, i think we see that he senses that as well. >> yeah. >> he feels that he is projecting it. i don't know whether -- i forget whether you were there the day he announced his measures on gun violence for example. >> yeah. >> that was straight o here is what we are going to do. whereas before on so many issues, they might say, you and i both heard robert gibbs and jay carney say we can't push for that because congress has to do it and we don't have the votes if congress. da-da. the assault weapons ban, right thing to do. join the conversation,
raising the u.s. debt ceiling, the house effectively kicked the can down the road until may. lawmakers voted to let the treasury department keep borrowing money so the u.s. can pay its bills until then. the bill also withholds lawmakers' pay until may if they don't start a budget. most called that a stunt and voted no. >>> and u.s. cargo jets have flown at least five missions in mali this week. a spokesman tells cnn that the c-17 cargo jets have flown in both french troops and tons of supplies for the fight against islamic insurgents. the u.n. is warning the violence could soon displace up to 700,000 people in mali. >>> bill clinton is heading back out on the campaign trail. cnn has confirmed that the former president will headline a march fund-raiser for arkansas senator mark pryor, who's up for re-election next year. clinton, of course, is an arkansas native, who served 12 years as the governor of that state. >>> and finally, a rough day for serena williams at the australian open. the 15-time grand slam winner broke, wow, you see it there, broke a racket in disgust after blowing a on
's going through? punting the debt ceiling. a vote is going to go through today. >> punting it down three more months. >> hal: a three-month wait to deal with -- >> because why get done today what you can put off? >> hal: because people are still glowing in the aftermath of the inauguration. people are still recognizing the president -- their message that the president isn't interested in deficits and handling it because he did mention it in his inauguration. he did mention doing in a balanced approach and the american people agree with him on that part. so if they have to act on it in the next week, people are still that much engaged. they're hoping in three months the american public will disengage enough for them to create another false narrative. >> so when we talk about rating the debt ceiling. we've already racked up the bills and we have to pay them. that's an obvious -- that's the fact. >> hal: right. >> they like to combine the two right and make it about future spending and paying off the bills. the president says it over and over and over again but it doesn't stick. don't under
before. >> it is more than shuttings down the government if they don't raise the debt ceiling there are so many people expecting payments veterans, soldiers, the --. melissa: but they get to decide who they pay and they don't. they could decide to pay those people and -- >> a lot harder, very, very hard to decide who they pay and who they don't. logistics are total nightmare. there are billions upon billions of computerized payments. if you want to code it and figure out how you get money to certain people and not others that sound like a catastrophe. it could happen when they even threatened not to raise the debt ceiling around our credit was downgraded and the markets really tumbled. you don't want to i can take the chance. no way the republicans would take that chance. melissa: maybe you don't. a nit is very risk-averse person? >> in poker a 19 is someone that folds every hand. they wait for the perfect chance to get money in. problem is nits never win tournaments. they have to actually risk something in order to see that value. melissa: who is the nit in this? >> everyone.
much, sue. let's get back to the breaking news in washington. a vote on the debt ceiling. we will get to john harwood in a moment on what it means for the white house and senate. but first, apple eamon javers on the hill. >> we expect it to pass, maybe tighter than republicans would like the vote count to be, but ultimately what the pleasure would do is extend the debt measure through to may 19th and politically what it does is rearranges the order of the fiscal fights we will have over the next couple of months and it means we will fight first over the sequester. remember that's that across the board budget cut postponed during the fiscal cliff fight in december and january. now that will be the first fight up at the beginning of march. republicans feel that that is a much more safe political ground for them to fight on than to fight over the debt ceiling which of course could threaten a default on the nation's obligations so we do expect this vote within the next couple of minutes here to pass by republicans, then it will go over to the senate side and the white house has signalled
, but i don't think holding the debt ceiling hostage is smart. >> i don't think the goal is actually -- i agreed with something scarborough said this morning, this is a shrewd political move. all they've done is shifted this whole debacle a few months. what's to say now we're going to have a couple months of rational, thoughtful budget discussion? i don't think so. >> that's the question, it is delaying -- it's getting a cavity or a root canal -- filled cavity or root canal. i'm not a dentist, obviously. >> you know which one's which. >> i really do. >> i've had both. >> in terms of the politico story that jake wrote, behind the scenes, boehner was able to rally -- we think, unless it blows up in his face. is that spirit of unity going to continue to the pri mord yal battle over the deficit and spend something. >> it's the real x-factor. i would not dare to predict, i think sam is right, there's a real danger -- >> that's a first. >> i do think it's true that they are in the danger zone right now. i think government shutdown might seem more palatable, but it's not really, because this is
performance for dind. >> divide more defensive. it protects on the down side. we do get the debt ceiling as a pullback, our fund will do well. in that growth market, we'll tend to lag performance. we'll still participate, but not to the same extent. >> bob, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, david. >>> when we come back, looking to escape from the daily grind of the city. robert frank takes you to a private island 15 minutes from manhattan. it could be yours if you've got something close to $20 million. back in a couple of minutes. [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watching. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. >>> the financial elite are meeting at the economic forum in davos, switzerland, this week. jamie dimon sat down with our own maria bartiromo. we have more on that interview. maria? >> hi there, melissa. that inte. >> this morning i moderated a panel and it was a big debate on how the financial services sector will evolve. people like axel weber, who you will hear from later on "the closing bell." basically believes
be seeing this go down very, very soon. what this bill does is it suspects the debt ceiling until may. that means treasury can borrow without limit to pay for america's obligations. this is something that gives congress breathing room to deal with some of their other big fiscal challenges that we all know about. it lifts this immediate threat of a default, which is so dangerous not just for the american economy but for the world markets. it does so with a requirement, a price requiring the senate to pass a budget. actually, both houses, each house would have to pass a budget or members of congress won't be paid. their pay will be put in an escrow account are they won't be paid. that's a little bit. schtick they're trying to use. this takes away the threat of a big default. >> house republicans have it seems backed off their demand that any increase in the debt ceiling be matched by spending cuts. is this seen as a political retreat or are they hoping to gain something in return? >> reporter: well, both sides are kind of gloating here and claiming victory. we had a press conference fro
about putting forward a bill that rolls the debt ceiling out, suspend it for awhile. will the president go along with that? >> yeah. the white house indicated he's at least not going to try to block it m i think they preferred a long term clean debt limit, and we talked before here that the real preference would be for, you know, the congress to step back from its role in the debt limit, but i think they are going to go along with what house republicans are doing here. there's question as so whether senate democrats are going to do a budget. chuck schumer who is in the democratic leadership in the senate suggested over the weekend that they were, in fact, going to do a budget, that they had plans to do one all along. i believe it when i see it. gerri: so little credibility on the issue. i mean, four years, four long years with the senate on its hands the whole time. aren't they just a little embarrassed about that? >> you know, i would think so. i think this goes to presidential leadership. this is something we didn't hear from the president yesterday. there were actually four sentences
something through in 3.5 weeks. we do not have the votes on our side to pass a debt ceiling that does nothing about the real problem, nothing to deal with the real crisis, the certain crisis. it is an irresponsible thing to do, to kick that can down the road. what we have been able to do is to say, let's give ourselves four months for a serious budget cycle, with the senate says they want to pass a budget for the first time in four years, and see where our priorities are, our values are, and we can come tog# sad our wit us, but i am glad they were able to testify to the opportunities this provides. you look for those numbers of things the president agrees on, the senate agree on, and the house agrees on, they are few and far between. i hope this is ceasedsion about i am sad our witnesses have left us, but i am glad they were able to testify to the opportunities this provides. you look for those numbers of things the president agrees on, the senate agrees on, and the house agrees on, they are few and far between. i hope this is ceased to mark. >> there has been discussion about why we
, charlie, that house republicans felt comfortable over the debt ceiling for now. >> thank you. and one of secretary of state hillary clinton's final appearances before stepping down could be one of the most contentious. clinton is on capitol hill right now giving her long awaited testimony today about the attack that killed four americans. margaret brennan is on capitol hill this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and secretary clinton will face harsh questions. she was unable to make previously scheduled testimony due to illness. in her opening statement, clinton's voice cracked as she recalled receiving the bodies of the u.s. personnel killed in benghazi. >>> clinton spoke about the progress made in fixing what investigators called saw stemmic failures, and drew a connection between the recent terror attack in al skwraeura and an assault. she'll also be pressed on whether there are connections between what happened in benghazi and the recent terror attack in algeria. now senate foreign relations committee john kerry will not take part in to
and getting them whatever they want to call it, a postponement, a retreat on holding the debt ceiling hostage, those are real changes from the sort of kumbahyah obama that we saw a lot of at this time this time early in his first term. so i think it's all good, and i think he may be emboldened. his views, he is essentially a liberal centrist. i don't think anyone can really ever doubt that. but he hasn't always stood up for it. and sometimes it seems he is so eager to find some kind of nonexistent bipartisan compromise to the party of no, that he sort of shirked from it. >> i think he has stopped -- he went -- moved from saying we can find something between us that we can agree to move together on, that was sort of what he started off saying. and now he is saying we can agree to do it my way. my way, actually, is widely agreed upon. and it is the way that we can move forward, and i think we ought to. it's a bolder stance. >> it's a bolder stance. and by the way, he won the election. >> and that's why he's free to say it. >> this doesn't stop them from calling him a socialist radical. >> oh, n
. instead of passing a clean long-term debt ceiling bill, one that could ensure that america doesn't default on its debt and obligations, the republicans have chosen to bring a bill that -- up that would put us right back in the same place that we're in now in may, three months from now. so what's next, mr. speaker? a three-week extension of the debt ceiling, three days, three hours? my republican friends go on and on about how the business community needs and deserves certainty from washington, but treating the full faith and credit of the united states like just another political talking point is no way to create serpt. how ironic, -- create certainty. how ironic, mr. speaker, that the republican party, the party that took a record surplus and turned it into a roffs deficit, the party that put two wars on a credit card, the party that didn't pay for a massive prescription drug benefit now wants to pay its bills, now wants to pay its bills. the same group of people that got us into this mess and now telling us they want to get us out of this mess. the fact is on the issue of the deficit and
-- in additional debt ceiling increase and wouldn't be balanced for several decades. let's stop playing games with the form and let's sit down and work on the things we agree upon. i think the american public would support us if we took out tens of billions of dollars of unnecessary spending for redundant nuclear weapons, to reform the scandal that is the crop insurance program that in cents people to plant land that they should not plant and drives up losses. let's accelerate health care reform, like we're doing in oregon, that would save over $1 trillion if it were applied nationally. let's get down and do it. act, don't debate. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from michigan. mr. camp: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield one minute to a distinguished member of the ways and means committee, the gentleman from nebraska, mr. smith. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. smith: mr. speaker, i rise today in support of h.r. 325. the bill is an important step toward getting our fiscal house in order because it requires the senat
between debt ceiling and for the three-month moment, then fine. i don't think it was a big deal today in terms of whether the house leadership and the senate leadership were in agreement. what the big deal about it, it's the wrong path to go down. what they're saying is, if you want to get paid, let's make sure seniors pay by eliminating the medicare guarantee. you want to get paid, let's make sure children, people with disabilities and other seniors, long-term health care pay the price. children, investments in their future, their education, their personal fulfillment and aspirations of their families and global competitiveness of america, that will pay a price, too. and our veterans will pay. do you want your pay check, this is the budget that goes with it. i think it's all wrong, but the fact is, the one part that has shall we say some appeal was that it was a recognition that for three months and for today, would be connected to the debt ceiling. i don't know if any of you follow -- what you do at night, but last night i watched the ways and means committee hearing run very late a
on the budget, patty murray is the person to ask and i haven't had time to sit down and discuss the details. i'm going to do that this evening with my staff and her staff. [inaudible] the house budget bill. the debt ceiling. i'm very glad that they are going to send us a clean the debt ceiling bill. [inaudible] >> a call during the recess senator leahy. he is a person that everyone knows that is an avid second amendment rights guy. he floridly indicated that there had to be more done with background checks. he said specifically that there was no reason to have certain weapons to go hunting. this is an issue that we need to talk about. what i hope we can do is have a bill reported on the judiciary committee. may not be what everyone wants, but will have some stuff that's really important. my response to that is the same response as before. i am happy that they have a gut feeling that is not tied to entitlement cuts and that is a big step in the right direction. the other stuff is that senator patty murray will be the next person on the and we will see how she wants to proceed. she is experience
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)